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Department of History(Normal)

Ⅰ. General Description

Chinese history is a first-level key discipline during the period of 12th Five-Year Plan in Jiangsu province, a building advantage discipline of "Cultural Heritage and Regional Social Development" of university in Jiangsu province as well as a university-level key discipline during the period of 13th Five-Year Plan. The school has a postdoctoral research station for Chinese history, a doctoral program for the first-level discipline of Chinese history. " It hosts”Yangzhou Culture Research Center",a key research bases on Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu province and “Cultic Research Center of Jiangsu Province”.The major of Ancient Chinese history, Modern and Contemporary Chinese history, Historical theory and History of Historiography, History Teaching has the right to grant master's degree.

Ⅱ. Objectives

This major is to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with basic History theories, professional knowledge and basic skills of History, who can engage in research, teaching and management in the Party and Government offices, public institutions, cultural and educational institutions and various social organizations and enterprises, as well as in the teaching and research of History in institutions,universities or secondary schools.

Ⅲ. Length of Schooling

Four years

Ⅳ. Core Courses

Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese History, Contemporary Chinese History, History of the People's Republic of China,Ancient World History, Modern World History, Contemporary World History, Introduction to Historiography, Introduction and selection of China Important History works, Introduction and anthology of Foreign Classical Works, History of Chinese Historiography, History of Western Historiography, etc.


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